Templates from MURAL

Templates to help you innovate and solve big problems.


Understand your customers' experience at every stage and plan for future development.

Importance/Difficulty Matrix

Plot items according to priorities to arrive at a workable resolution.

Workshop Planning

Focus on the context and purpose of your workshop to maximize effectiveness.

Wall of Work

This Kanban-style framework helps you track the progress of your work and focus on your current goals.

Event Model Canvas

Design an event worth attending.

Team Standup

Stay on top of your team's progress.

What’s On Your Radar?

Organize items based on importance and relevance.

Team Charter

Establish ground rules for how your team works together as a cohesive group.


Design your project with clarity and flexibility.

Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Determine the best way to involve each project stakeholder.

The Atlassian Playbook Meets Mural

Frameworks for keeping everyone on the same page while effectively managing risk.

Weekly Kanban and Retrospective

Visualize your team's progress and learn from what well and what could be improved each week.

Expectations Workshop

Map the expectations your team has for each of its members to gain clarity around who is responsible for different aspects of a project.

Quarterly Kanban and Retrospective

Reflect on your last Quarter and plan for the future.

Event Planning

Map out each aspect of your next event to rest assured that all your bases are covered.

Future Headlines

Visualize the future you hope to create.

Idea Prioritization

Determine your best ideas by ranking their feasibility and impact.

Working Backwards

Start with what you want to accomplish and work backwards to define the steps necessary to reach your goal.

Project Planning

Intentionally map out each component of your next project to get started with a clear head.

Operations Dashboard

Keep important information about your project in one place.

Objectives and Key Results

Define goals and key results with your team so you can stay aligned throughout every step of your project.

Feature Goals and Tracking

Define what you hope to learn from your project ahead of time so you can stay on track as you plan and design.

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