Meet your new teammate: Mural AI

Experience a better way to work with Mural AI and Mural’s Microsoft 365 Copilot integration. Improve collaboration, explore new ideas, and take your teams to new heights of productivity and innovation.

Intelligence at your service

Mural AI is designed to supplement your innovation, not substitute for it. Our generative AI works where and when you need it, with three levels of partnership to help you go deeper, move faster, and do more.

Collaborate at the speed of thought

Let Mural AI help your team get to the good stuff faster.

Mind maps to spark new ideas

Explore ideas and discover new directions on-the-fly with generative mind maps.

Actions to complete bulk tasks quickly

Generate content, summarize a mind map, add sticky notes in bulk, and much more for working sessions that really work.

Clustering information to connect the dots

Automatically cluster sticky notes by topic – and rearrange by new criteria in an instant.

Fly higher with Microsoft 365 Copilot

Why fly solo when you can soar higher with a partner? Mural is purpose-built for a better experience across the Microsoft ecosystem — and now we’re proud to bring this partnership into the next gen of productivity.

Work smarter with Mural + Copilot

Enhance the human potential of your teams across Microsoft 365 with Mural’s Copilot integration and get to where you want to go, faster.

Find what you need, when you need it

Use Microsoft 365 Copilot to accelerate your workflows and improve collaboration with the power to find murals and templates at the drop of a hat.

Summarize and save time

Leverage the power of Microsoft 365 Copilot to summarize all the text from a mural canvas and quickly get up to speed on brainstorming, roadmap updates, and more.

Responsible AI

Innovation should never come at the cost of security or control. Our AI integrations are designed to help enhance productivity and connection while maintaining the strict standards that have made Mural the first choice for the enterprise.

People-centered design

Knowledge work is best directed by humans. The goals and behaviors of our AI are designed to align with human values throughout their operation. People decide the inputs and approve the outputs.

Work without worry

We maintain enterprise-grade solutions and standards across security, privacy, and data compliance with respect for regional and international safety.

Control your data

We ensure customers retain control of their data and do not share that data with anyone. We do not use customer data to train AI models.

Stay in the know

We will always be transparent on how data is used, including clear explanations about the experience and understanding of how AI can benefit customers.

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