Make remote design work

Online brainstorming, synthesis and collaboration

Used by creative teams in

Brainstorm and Research

Visually Organize your thoughts

Get your thoughts down fast and gather all your insights in one place.

Quickly dump all your ideas onto our flexible canvas, and supplement them with multimedia from the internet or your computer.

Visually Organize your thoughts
Share and Collaborate

Get everyone on the same page

Seamlessly work within the same space as if you and your team were in the same room.

Keep your collaborators in the loop with comments and live conversations no matter where you may be.

Get everyone on the same page
Organize and Synthesize

Find Meaningful Insights Faster

Visually organize your ideas to maintain clarity of thought and take the chaos out of creativity.

Features like voting allow you to streamline the decision making process and move forward without skipping a beat.

Find Meaningful Insights Faster
Output and Deliver

Reach more creative solutions

Create a clear understanding of your design vision in order to direct the steps you take toward a solution or output.

Reach more creative solutions
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