Service design at scale


Intuit values generating delight through customer experiences. They've embraced Service Design to create and continually renew that delight. Being a global company, design and delivery of their services include product teams in the US and customer support teams (CARE) in the Philippines.


How might we engage global teams in service design?

Optimizing the service you deliver to your customer requires insights from multiple parts of the organization. In-person workshops allow stakeholders to build off each other's contributions, adding diversity and creating alignment that results in a more holistic improvement.

That was impossible with the customer support team in another continent.

Moving to Mural, it went from impossible to possible - it was like an infinite increase in productivity.

Erik Flowers
Erik Flowers
Principal Product and Service Designer | Intuit

Digital Service Design

Instead of relying on in-person workshops and having to deal with travel budget and logistics, Intuit decided to collaborate digitally.

They created a Service Blueprint in a shared digital canvas and invited all team members to participate from their locations using their devices, some of which were touch ready. They also opened up a video conferencing channel and had plenty of screens with people's faces on them.

The support team was able to uncover a moment in the customer experience that was generating an excessive amount of support tickets. Collaborating remotely, the teams were able to co-create a solution that not only reduced support hours, but also improved the overall customer experience.


The whole global team participated and engaged in the project. They were able to take advantage of service design, regardless of their geographical distribution.

They were also able to keep iterating after the workshop and have service design as part of their regular process.

The team was freed from weeks of scheduling logistics to now start fixing services gaps in a few days.


Support Hours Minimized: The same level of experience can be delivered with less resources.

Reduce Need To Travel: Teams don't need to travel to collaborate in creative work effectively.

Service Design At Scale: Intuit now has a process that is repeatable across the whole company.


Service Blueprinting - Template

This template, designed by and used within Intuit, is ready to be duplicated and used in your own projects so you can start taking action right away.

Create a mural in your workspace from the template below:



Ready to activate the genius within your team?
Ready to activate the genius within your team?