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Improve Brand Awareness, Deepen User Experience

As the world’s largest platform for software developers, GitHub was already leveraging the opportunity to empower it’s community and help shape the conversation around how technology--and open source specifically--could drive social change. But the company was looking for ways to amplify existing efforts through unique creative campaigns.

They recognized an opportunity to increase brand awareness and deepen the positive experience users have with their brand by releasing a new brand launch video that conveys their ‘Path to the Future’ campaign theme.


Brand Development Using Agile Methods

Although agile and lean methods have become the trusted approach to develop new ideas and products quickly at scale, they’re yet to become commonplace amongst even the most modern brand & marketing teams whose processes are still lengthy and siloed.

Mural is the tool that fuels our remote design studios at GitHub. For us, design studios are an alignment tool for our distributed marketing team. They enable us to rally around a shared understanding of the customer challenge and proposed solution so we can move forward with confidence together. We couldn’t do that without MURAL.

Jeremy Brady
Jeremy Brady
Creative Director

Digital Design Studio

Their new approach allowed GitHub to conduct a week-long remote design studio with 9+ cross-functional participants across varying locations and time zones. They leveraged Mural's Design Studio Template to collaboratively work through ideas and develop the cornerstones of the story they'd ultimately tell in the brand launch video.

During the design studio week, the team moved through four distinct rounds.

  1. Ideate: Review hypotheses and other reference materials
  2. Sketch Solutions: Bring ideas to life in a picture format (2 rounds)
  3. Critique and Converge: Cherry pick concepts and merge them into a single creative solution
  4. Decide: Identify the riskiest solution to test first

They worked through thirty plus ideas (yes, thirty plus!) down to a single storyboard within a week, setting their video production agency up for success to begin production within a very tight timeline.

Our GitHub integrated brand campaign that leveraged Mural became the proving ground for future design studios and collaborative workshops.

Jeremy Brady
Jeremy Brady
Creative Director

Award-winning Creative That Empowers a Community

Leveraging an agile approach and running the design studio digitally in Mural, the GitHub team was able to keep their remote team aligned while moving rapidly through the week. They collaboratively developed their campaign story and arrived at a singular concept to test through their MVP, the award-winning* brand video ‘Building The Future’.

*Kudos to Jeremy Brady, GitHub & the production team for the numerous awards their video won: Hermes Award, Communicators Award, Muse Creative Award, AVA Digital Award, Gold Telly Award.

What have they learned about their solution so far?

  • Over a QTR million brand video views (all organic traffic)
  • Increase of over 40,000 social media followers as part of our integrated brand campaign
  • Over 45,000 social post engagements during the time of our campaign

A message from the project facilitator, Jeremy Brady (Creative Director, GitHub):

Innumerable thanks go out to the GitHub creative team. This includes in no particular order Tony Jaramillo, Cameron Foxly, João Ribeiro, Kim Estoesta, Cecilio Ruiz and Slow Clap Studios. For without them, none of this would’ve been possible.


Design Studio - Template

Use this template when you want to get an entire team to solve a specific design challenge.

Create a mural in your workspace from the template below:


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