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The flexibility of it is definitely one of the big selling points, that once you're comfortable using it is something you can use for just about anything."

Spencer T.
UX Writer, Insurance
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MURAL makes it easy to focus on the problem we're trying to solve, versus focusing on the tool. The way it should be.

Ehab E
Enterprise Agile Coach
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The MURAL user interface is super straight forward, it ensure that everyone you invite to a collaboration space finds their way without lot's of explaining.

Otto F
Co-Founder / Lean Innovation Lead
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MURAL enables remote collaboration so it will save the companies I work with thousands on future travel costs.

Michael F
Principal Consultant
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The UI is almost 100% intuitive and is never in the way.

Michael S
Director of Operations & Lead Innovation Coach
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MURAL is so much more than just a digital whiteboard. The access to templates that have been tried and true for almost any kind of working session bring so much value to our collaborative process.

Andres P
UX Designer
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MURAL is really easy to use. Working as a UX Designer, it adds tons of value to my work. I've introduced dozens of colleagues and customers to MURAL, and everyone gets started real quick... You'll be productive in no time.

Uwe B
UX Design Expert
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Clean and easy to use. I can train someone how to use MURAL in 10 minutes. It is simple, but has enough features to make it effective.

Joshua S
Agile Coach
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The learning curve is virtually flat. You can get huge value from it within minutes of starting to use it.

Beth H

Flexible features to help your team work together and visualize ideas

Sticky notes & text

Effortlessly add thoughts, ideas, and feedback for further action.

Shapes & connectors

Easily build diagrams to map out complex workflows.


Quickly search an extensive icon library to build a visual story.


Impactful ways to organize content and ideas to uncover insights.

Images & GIFs

Drag and drop visuals to enhance a collaboration session.


Maximize creativity with freehand sketching and writing.

Run productive meetings & workshops with Facilitation Superpowers


Stay focused and on schedule by timing activities for a group


Make sure everyone is looking at the same content at the same time


Guide participants with instructions and hiding/revealing of next steps

Super Lock

Make sure objects stay in place and are only moved by facilitators


Emphasize positive moments by celebrating with confetti

Private mode

Prevent groupthink by hiding contributions of individual collaborators

Multiple ways to connect and communicate with your team


Connect and distribute murals with a simple hyperlink


Add feedback and ideas to help drive toward better outcomes

Text Chat

Drive ongoing text conversations with your team directly in a Mural

Quick Talk

Instantly start a voice call for impromptu collaboration sessions

MURAL is amazingly easy to use; the usability is the best that I have found across many online whiteboarding tools... I do not know what we would do without this tool for much of our work which has now been forced remote.

elizabeth m
Associate Consultant

Build on proven workflows and impactful methods

Integrate MURAL into existing workflows with integrations

Connect with existing productivity tools used across your teams.

Integrations including Dropbox, Slack, Microsoft Documents, GitHub, Jira, & more

Get started quickly with our expert templates

Jumpstart a collaboration session with hundreds of built-in templates.

Enterprise-ready features for your business

Company Dashboard

Get the information you need to manage your membership, all in one place.

Valuable insights

Powerful management

Easy-to-access controls

The company dashboard within MURAL


The most security-conscious customers in the most highly-regulated industries trust MURAL’s state-of-the-art security.

Best-in-class protocols

Versatile safeguards

Global standards

GDPR Ready badge
AICCPA SOC 2 Compliance badge
European Data Protection Office certified
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