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Facilitation Superpowers™ features will supercharge your collaboration

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Make sessions focused and productive
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Control the (virtual) room
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Unlock creativity and innovation
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Drive effective decision making
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Generate a diversity of ideas and solutions to hard problems
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Save time with proven templates and frameworks

Customize your session experience

Lead structured, productive sessions

Increase collaborator engagement

Andrew F., Communications Specialist

Reviewed on G2, February 2021*

As a facilitator, MURAL offers a ton of features to ensure users stay on the same page, including forcing people to follow you, elements locking, and the timer. These features are particularly useful with large groups.

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Consultant in Information Technology and Services

Reviewed on G2, March 2021*

Mural is an absolute must-have for remote facilitation and brainstorming sessions, because of ease of use of the voting sessions and timers.

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Covid-19 accelerated the transformation of where and how work gets done. Facilitators can use this new normal to lead digital collaboration that's more productive and innovative than ever before. Download this free guide for tips, tools, and tactics for facilitating engaging remote workshops.

* This reviewer was offered a nominal incentive as thanks for completing this review.