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It's not where you work, it's how you work that matters.

The Mural System, our holistic approach to problem solving and team improvement, establishes five factors for great teamwork.


Great teams endeavor, in earnest, to imagine, envision, brainstorm, illustrate, formulate, strategize, and design. They do so with a generative and open mindset.


Great teams consistently reflect, recognize, consider, interpret, analyze, perceive, discern, and discover. They do so in rigorous and insightful ways.


Great teams are able to connect, resonate, include, accept, belong, bond, empathize, align, and cooperate. They do so with compassion and integrity.


Great teams discipline themselves to align, plan, implement, iterate, develop, execute, produce, and adapt. They do so in the name of demonstrable progress.


Great teams hone their ability to observe, sense, notice, inquire, research, survey, test, detect, and be aware. They do so with curiosity and openness.

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