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10 min
Time to run:
1-3 hours

Group project template

Create alignment and track responsibilities for a class project

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This MURAL template has been designed for students to collaborate on class group projects. With brainstorming, project scoping, and project tracking students can easily meet project requirements and build a project they are proud of. This was created by two of MURAL's student ambassadors based on what they thought would be helpful in their own group projects.

Professors can pre-populate the template with project resources, rubrics, and guidelines or students can bring this into their own projects no matter the class. This is an great template to link in your learning management system so it is easy for all students to access.

Explore Adrienne's, a student at the University of Maryland Global Campus, completed version of the template for inspiration.

Group Project Template Example
Click on the image above to explore Adrienne's completed Group Project Template

How to create a Group project template

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Icons, GIFs, & images

Icons, GIFs, & images

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Mapping and diagramming

Mapping and diagramming

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Tags on sticky notes

Tags on sticky notes

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