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The ultimate team stand-up template

Quickly get insight into team priorities and activities.

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A stand-up is a short team meeting held at regular intervals, typically either daily or weekly, to provide transparency into the team’s activity.

However, it's not just useful for managing projects; a stand-up is also a chance for everyone on the team to speak to each other and build team camaraderie.

Use this template to quickly establish the core activities of everyone on the team for a day or a week.

The ultimate team stand-up template helps you:

  • Enhance communication by providing a structured framework for team stand-ups. It makes sure that everyone has an opportunity to share updates, progress, and challenges, building a culture of collaboration and accountability.
  • Foster communication by encouraging team members to engage with each other. It creates a space for sharing ideas, seeking feedback, and identifying opportunities for collaboration and support.
  • Improve team alignment by providing everyone is on the same page with the progress of the projects and their priorities.

How to use the ultimate team stand-up template:

Here's how to use this ultimate team stand-up template to facilitate effective and efficient stand-up meetings.

1. Share the template

Distribute the ultimate team stand-up template to team members before the meeting. This allows your team to familiarize themselves with the structure and come prepared with their updates.

2. Check in with everyone

At the beginning of the stand-up, have each team member add their name to a colored sticky note and place it on the template. Then, have each person move their sticky note to the cat that best represents how they feel about the state of their workload at the moment. Use the timer at the top of the mural to timebox this part (one minute). This check-in activity helps gauge the overall mood and energy of the team. Have a brief discussion about the responses from the team to encourage open communication and support.

3. Discuss everyone’s plans

Use the "What's on your radar?" section to indicate the top activities the team is working on for the day or week. Then, organize the activities by moving them closer to the center if they’re high priority or further away on the outer ring if they’re lower priority. You're allowed to put only one sticky note in the center to force prioritization of the most important thing the team is working on.

4. Review the inner circle 

Review the inner circle by going around the different pie slices one by one. Ensure that everyone on the team knows what their responsibilities are for each assigned task. Time permitting, do the same for the second layer of priority items

5. Discuss blockers 

Encourage the team to share and discuss any blockers or impediments raised during the stand-up. This is a crucial part of the meeting where collaboration and quick issue resolution can take place.

6. Wrap-up

Conclude the stand-up by summarizing key takeaways and action items. Make sure that everyone is aware of any changes to the plan or new tasks assigned during the meeting.

Tips for running a session with this template:

  • Keep it time-bound: To maintain efficiency, ensure that the stand-up meeting adheres to a designated time limit. Encourage team members to be concise and avoid going into excessive detail.

  • Foster a safe environment: Create a safe and non-judgmental space where team members feel comfortable sharing their progress and challenges. Encourage a supportive atmosphere that promotes trust and open communication.

  • Focus on action items: Use the stand-up as a platform to identify action items and next steps. Encourage team members to set clear goals for the day or week and hold them accountable for their commitments.

  • Adapt and iterate: Regularly review and refine the template based on the team's needs and feedback. Continuously seek input from team members to ensure that stand-up meetings remain effective and valuable.

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