Frameworks from MURAL

Tools to help you innovate and solve big problems.

Use these flexible, easy-to-learn innovation frameworks from LUMA to collaborate and think differently.

LUMA frameworks currently available for Enterprise customers only

Cover Story Mock-Up

Explain the need or benefit of something by imagining the impact of its creation.

Concept Poster

A presentation format illustrating the main points of a new idea.

Creative Matrix

Generate many wide-ranging ideas at the intersection of multiple categories in a short amount of time.

Importance/Difficulty Matrix

Plot items according to priorities to arrive at a workable resolution.

Abstraction Laddering

Reconsider a problem statement by broadening or narrowing its focus.

Round Robin

Grow and change an idea in unexpected ways by passing it from person to person.


Visualize people experiencing your new idea in action to communicate more clearly than words alone.

What’s On Your Radar?

Visualize and rank personal or shared tasks to keep your team aligned.

Bull’s-Eye Diagramming

Rank items in order of importance using a target diagram.

Persona Profile

Remember and discuss the people for whom you are designing.

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