Frameworks from MURAL

Tools to help you innovate and solve big problems.

Use these design frameworks to solve complex problems and gain deeper insight about your users.


Design your project with clarity and flexibility.

Really Big Idea Sketch Pad

Focus on specific parameters to develop and refine your idea.

Empathy Map

Gain insights about your customers and how your business can address their needs.

Really Big Idea Critique Pad

Capture insights and constructive critiques about your idea.

Super Hunch Sketch Pad

Develop a hunch into a feasible and impactful idea.

Idea Prioritization

Determine your best ideas by ranking their feasibility and impact.

Assumption Grid

Make better decisions by organizing your ideas based on risk and certainty.

Persona Grid

Create a portrait of your key stakeholders' mindset, needs and goals.

Feedback Grid

Capture user insights about your product or service.

Scenario Map

Ensure your design is grounded in the context of your user's real world situations.


Understand your customers' experience at every stage and plan for future development.

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