Frameworks from MURAL

Tools to help you innovate and solve big problems.

Use these business frameworks to quickly get your head around common problems and make a plan or a key business decision.

MVS - Hero Journey

Gain a deeper understanding about your users' insights and what they want to accomplish.

Consumer Trends Canvas

Gather and analyze insights about consumer trends and transform them into business opportunities.

MVS - Hero Profile

Learn about your extreme user's mindset and gain insights about their struggles

Team Canvas

Align your team, resolve conflicts and start building a productive culture.

5 Whys Worksheet

Get to the root of any problem.

Empathy Map Canvas

Develop a deep, shared understanding and empathy for your customers.

Event Model Canvas

Design better and more effective events in less time.

Workshop Planning

Focus on the context and purpose of your workshop to maximize effectiveness.

Strategy Blueprint

Visualize the central logic of your strategy, overcome challenges and reach your desired position.

Lean UX Canvas

Solve your most complicated business problems.

Innovators’ Compass

A visual workspace to find new possibilities and unlock your potential in any situation.

MVS - Hero Quest

Understand the interactions, intentions and perceptions of your users when they interact in your service.

MVS - Time Machine

Gain a deeper understanding about the environment your business is working in.

Lean Canvas

Develop strategic business models quickly and concisely by focusing on competitive advantages.

Business Model Canvas

Visualize new ways for your business to create, deliver and capture value.

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