Tools to run smooth and successful workshops from anywhere.

MURAL’s Facilitation Superpowers are a workshop management feature set that transforms you into the design thinking hero your team needs.

Whether you're a professional facilitator who runs multi-day workshops or you're a team leader who guides your colleagues through planning meetings and retrospectives, you know facilitating can be tough.

Unleash your superpowers at each
stage of your session's lifecycle.

Facilitator Superpowers save you time and keep you in controlof your sessions so you can focus on running a happy and productive workshop or meeting.

Quickly find a template

Not sure where to start? Pick a template. There are all kinds of methods to choose from, including methods to help you plan a project, run a design sprint, or break the ice.


Quickly find a template

Embed instructions

Grant facilitator permissions

Customize the outline

Super lock down content

Add a mural to your meeting

Link to any step


Hide and reveal steps

Summon participants

Time your activities

Vote anonymously


Make changes to templates

Become the design thinking hero
your team needs.

Start your 30-day free trial of MURAL and get access to a suiteof templates designed by expert facilitators for expert facilitators-in-the-making.

Facilitation templates are “workshops in a box” that come fully loaded with pre-written instructions and training materials so you can spin up a remote working session on the fly - without spending weeks wondering how to break the ice or organize your time.