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We've designed Facilitator Superpowers to save you time and keep you in control of your sessions, so you can focus on running a happy and productive workshop or meeting.

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Editable Templates

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Transform every stage of your facilitation prep, delivery, and follow-up.
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Facilitation Timeline

Choose the right method

Not sure where to start? Pick a template. There are all kinds of methods to choose from, including methods to help you plan a project, run a design sprint, or break the ice.

Each template comes with step-by-step instructions, so even if you're not super well-versed in that method (yet), you''ll know just what to do.

In any canvas you create, you'll have 'Facilitator Superpowers' by default. If you're running the meeting with someone else, you can mark them as a facilitator, too.



Methods are not one-size-fits-all. Edit the instructions, or add or remove steps from the Outline to make sure your canvas meet your team's needs.

Anything you lock down can only be unlocked by other facilitators. Participants won't be able to change anything you want to your carefully crafted canvas.


Get everyone where they need to be

Add your canvas directly to your calendar with the MURAL for Google Calendar plugin. Haven't created your canvas yet? No problem - create a new canvas straight from your calendar.

Lend participants a helping hand by sending them a link to a specific step in the Outline. They'll land exactly where you sent them without having to navigate the canvas themselves.


Keep control of the session

Keep participants focused by hiding the steps in the Outline you're not ready for them to see. Reveal them as you go. In the meantime -- no peeking!

To bring the group back together, summon everyone to where you are in the canvas. Rest assured knowing everyone's seeing what you're seeing.

Keep things on schedule with the timer. If you need a few more minutes, no problem - you can adjust the time on the fly.

When you need to reach a consensus, you can use anonymous dot voting. If you're using different criteria to make a decision, you can run multiple voting sessions and compare results.


Reduce setup time for next time

You've finished your session and everything was great, but there are some things that would make your life easier next time. Maybe you learned that for this workshop you need more time for affinity mapping, and that its better to vote as a team than use a prioritization grid. Whatever it may be, you can update any template you published so that it reflects the best practices you learn along the way.


Keep your momentum going forward

If you kicked off your meeting in person, bring it online (and avoid transcribing hundreds of sticky notes by hand) with MURAL Scan. Get all your ideas into a MURAL without losing momentum.


Keep your facilitation mastery moving forward.

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