Win deals and build stronger partnerships

Innovative sales and success teams use MURAL to plan, partner, and problem-solve across the sales cycle — turning buyers into loyal customers.

Customer discovery hero

How customer-facing teams use MURAL

Increase deal velocity

Increase deal velocity

Cut down on meetings with faster discovery and alignment, alongside visual account mapping to simplify complex deals.

Increase deal velocity

Strengthen relationships

Transform one-way sales presentations and onboarding into engaging sessions where you're solving problems together.

Scale successful strategies

Scale successful strategies

Create templates to easily turn effective strategies and workshops into repeatable plays throughout your organization.

Customer discovery hero

Present solutions, not just slides

One-way, impersonal presentations will lose a deal before it ever becomes a qualified opportunity.

  • Design interactive sessions that invite buyers to be active collaborators in the sales process.
  • Recreate the energy of in-person pitches during remote or hybrid meetings.
  • Customers can receive secure, one click access to your murals with no account creation required.
Andrew Marti
Former pre-sales lead at SAP
Traditionally, we captured [discovery] information in one-sided phone interviews, which are beneficial to us (but less so for the customer). We now use MURAL to facilitate these discussions. This allows for discovery conversations to be more visual and more interactive; it brings the customer into the discussion.
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