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Mutual action plan template

Develop an action plan together

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Use this mutual action plan (MAP) template to collaborate with your customer champion to attain overall alignment.

Being on the same page at all times with multiple stakeholders provides effective and efficient project progression, especially when multiple stakeholders are involved. In order to devise a synchronized action plan, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of various project components to create alignment and a vision on how to strategically proceed forward.

The mutual action plan template helps you:

  • Get aligned with all your stakeholders
  • Create a shared digital space to track action items and progress
  • Empower all stakeholders to provide feedback

How to use the mutual action plan template

To use Mural’s mutual action plan template with your key stakeholders, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Define the purpose of your plan

Begin by explaining the purpose of the plan and how everyone can use and benefit from it. This gives stakeholders important context that will also help increase engagement throughout the course of your project.

2. Go over key components with stakeholders

Next, talk your customer at a high level through the plan components and inquire as to what makes sense or should be modified based on how they make purchases and implementation decisions. Make appropriate modifications to your mural wherever necessary to customize it to your needs.

💡 Note: You may want to conduct a stakeholder analysis beforehand to help determine various levels of involvement.

3. Determine an ideal release date

Once the components of your plan are in place, it’s time to ask about an important date from which you should both work backward in order to establish timeframes. This could be the approval of a contract, or it could be the date by which the customer needs a solution fully implemented.

Note: For each section of this template (Discovery, Shared Vision and so on) begin to populate these in a way that makes sense to you and your customer: Key activities, who's responsible for those, when they should happen, and so on.

4. Define critical milestones

Finally, you may choose to drag or copy critical milestone post-its to the timeline at the bottom.

We suggest your Mutual Action Plan mural be used as a living document between you and your customer — to remind you both of accountabilities and to capture new activities and milestones as they occur to you both.

Tips for running a mutual action plan template workshop

To get the most out of your mutual action plan with your key stakeholders, you should:

  • Define any pre-work and outline the context for all stakeholders to make sure that everyone is aligned and clear on the goals for your project
  • Use color-coding and/or tags for sticky notes to help define roles and responsibilities for strategic items and tasks
  • Keep your mutual action plan up to date so that everyone has access to a living document as you make progress toward your goals

How to create a Mutual action plan template

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