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What's New at MURAL: Public templates, New export options, Agile frameworks

Written by 
Mark Tippin
September 12, 2016

We’re happy to bring you the next issue of our monthly webinar series, “What’s New at MURAL.” Below is the recording of our broadcast from September 7, 2016:

In our last, "What’s New" webinar we discussed MURAL on the Microsoft Surface HUB, enhanced sticky notes and new permissions. You can find a recording of that broadcast here.


In a previous episode, we showed how your team members can design and publish a mural canvas as a template so that it becomes a reusable starting point for your team collaborations, similar to how you leverage word processor or slide presentation templates.

MURAL Public Template Sharing

Now you can share those templates with anyone, not just members of your own team. This means you can share your successful templates with anyone without inviting them to your team - and they can start using it with their own teams with a double-click from your website or blog post.


In addition to exporting a mural canvas as an image, you can now export it as a PDF as well.

Esxport MURAL


A request we hear frequently is the ability to export a portion of a mural canvas. Now you can! Use the Area to frame some of your content and export it as an image or a PDF. You will get an email notification when the exported file is ready.

MURAL Export an Area Framework from within your Mural Canvas


We’ve added more capability to the right-click menu within a mural. If you click over a blank portion of the canvas you can add a Sticky Note, Upload a file and more.

MURAL Context Menu Options


Frameworks allow you to prepare for a team collaboration in seconds. Simply browse the growing collection of framework options and drag them onto your canvas.

MURAL Adding a framework to your MURAL Canvas.

We’re excited to announce 5 new frameworks for Agile!

Quickly visualize and prioritize your team’s tasks in a truly collaborative way. Frameworks include:

  • Wall of Work
  • Retrospective
  • Risk Wall
  • Managing Stakeholder Expectation
  • Assessing Stories

Agile Frameworks in MURAL

We’ve also added a new framework for workshop planning based on Methodkit's cards and planning process. Try this the next time you're organizing a workshop to make sure you include all the elements for an impactful and memorable event.

Workshop Planning Framework


Are you excited about MURAL and looking for ways to introduce it to others? As a reminder, we have a helpful blog post with some ideas about how to help others begin to see the potential of digital-first team collaboration.

Read: 5 Easy Steps To Introduce New Collaborators to MURAL

When you’re introducing new team members, we’ve heard that they most appreciate knowing how to:

  • Add content from their device or from a URL
  • Zoom and pan around the interface to navigate (like Google Maps)
  • Use the collaboration features (share, follow, voting)
  • How to manage Rooms, Teams and mural canvases


You can find more about MURAL on our support site.

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About the authors

Mark Tippin

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Mark Tippin is a published author, internationally-recognized keynote speaker and instructor in remote collaboration, human-centered design and visual facilitation. He is currently the Director, Strategic Next Practices at MURAL and a certified Lead Instructor at LUMA Institute.