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Revolutionize the Way You Educate Your Team on MURAL

Written by 
Lindsey Eatough
June 6, 2019

To me, learning how to use MURAL is not about how to add a sticky note to a canvas. It’s about how to transform the way that I work in a collaborative, digital way - regardless if I'm co-located or remote. With this goal in mind, Virtual MURAL Week was born.

The week gets at the need to train users in an innovative new way, and consists of a series of events focused on why and how to digitally collaborate, instead of simply what MURAL does as a tool (if you want that, we have a live demo every Thursday).

image (4)-1
We used Zoom for video conferencing and MURAL as our presenting and collaboration tool.

As a Sr. Enterprise Transformation Manager with MURAL, working with some of our largest Enterprise accounts, this was the 3rd event like this I’ve put on. This iteration of Virtual MURAL Week (VMW) was comprised of seven 1-hour sessions from Monday-Thursday. We gave two options for the Office Hours sessions (one for US/EMEA, one for APAC/Sydney) to make sure we included everyone in our global community.

The point of VMW is to highlight individual use cases within a company, and provide an opportunity for people to get their unique questions answered. These Office Hours sessions were focused topics like how to get your team to adopt MURAL/digital collaboration, using MURAL for Design Thinking, and leveraging it for facilitation and presenting.

"IBM's Virtual MURAL Week was refreshing! I enjoyed the concise agenda, particularly Tiny Design Methods and Using MURAL to Present & Facilitate. I realize I haven't been stretching my use of MURAL to its full potential. These sessions inspire me to explore a different presentation style and try out the features (I wasn't aware of) to complement my preference for agile facilitation - reducing post-workshop asset creation and rework."
-Stephanie Lang, Developer Advocacy Leader, IBM Cloud

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 12.58.21 PM
The custom landing page created to promote VMW and enable easy registration.

I've facilitated VMWs for several customers now, and the prep is one of my favorite parts. We leveraged MURAL templates for the Office Hours content so there was no need to reinvent the wheel each time (instead, we could build on the content). The topics are based on transforming the way you work while infusing how to use MURAL. All of this is prep work is done collaborating with power users to showcase their stories during the Kick-Off session.

image (6)
The room in our MURAL workspace where we housed all the canvases for the workshop.

For this particular VMW, my Kick-Off co-facilitator was Lee Duncan. Lee wanted to present on what he calls Tiny Design Methods - design methods that can be adapted and used by anyone, any day (not just designers).

Before the event, Lee reached out to the IBM community to mine for questions about real-life scenarios from different areas of the company. During the session, we answered those questions and provided relevant Tiny Design Methods, MURAL templates and/or best practices.

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 12.23.32 PM
Section of the Kick-Off canvas where we suggested frameworks and Tiny Design Methods for solutions.

An additional advantage to leveraging MURAL for presenting during these sessions: each presentation canvas was made into a template that we then shared during the session in the Zoom chat. So, right away the attendees had full access to the resources we showed and could put them into practice as soon as they wanted.

"Co-facilitating the MURAL kick-off session with Lindsey was equal parts freative (fun + creative) and powerful collaboration. I jump at the chance to participate, and I know IBMers benefit because they tell me so often.
IBM has a very special relationship with MURAL."
- Lee Duncan, Internal Agency Designer

Interested in Virtual MURAL Week or want to learn more about this new and innovative style of training users? Feel free to reach out at

About the author

About the authors

Lindsey Eatough

Senior Enterprise Transformation Manager
Lindsey is an Sr. Enterprise Transformation Manager at MURAL. She is one of the main points of contact for MURAL's enterprise customers, including IBM. In that role, she works with teams to expand their use and capabilities of MURAL by helping them transform the way that they work and collaborate.