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Visual Thinking for Innovation: Webinar Recap

Written by 
Jim Kalbach
October 18, 2016

All successful companies eventually have to answer the same, fundamental question: How do you establish new growth strategies and business opportunities from within your organization?

The problem is, finding new business opportunities is hard. Even the most successful, established companies can get stuck in old ways of creating growth. What’s needed is a fresh approach to innovation.

That’s where business design thinking comes in. It helps shift your mindset to become more flexible and dynamic. And at its core is visualization: using templates and diagrams to make better decisions more quickly.

We were proud to host Marc Sniukas, Parker Lee, and Matt Morasky, authors of the bestselling book the Art of Opportunity, in an hour-long webinar.

In it, they presented their hands-on approach that sparks innovation, reduces risk, and delivers results. See their slides from the presentation for more details.

THE ART OF OPPORTUNITY: Strategic Innovation Through Visual Thinking


Finding new opportunities is a collaborative endeavor. Visual tools and templates help innovators work together in teams. You can download some of their materials from their website.

But teams are increasingly distributed. So how do you visualize your growth strategy and engage others in remote settings?

That’s where MURAL helps: it enables teams to think visually and digitally, so you can easily share content and collaborate together, no matter where your team is.

During the webinar, we presented a template in MURAL consisting of their “Opportunity Report” and “Strategy Report.” Access the template directly by clicking on the mural, below, and then click “Create a mural from this template” in the upper right.

Art of Opportunity template for "Opportunity & Strategy Report"


To get your team started creating templates, see these resources:

Find out more about The Art of Opportunity and the authors:

Parker Lee

Marc Sniukas

Matt Morasky

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About the authors

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