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Success Story: Working Visually at McBeard

Written by 
Kailey Howell
February 2, 2020

Their Story

McBeard is not your average media marketing company. Their clients include names like Coca Cola, Universal Studios, Netflix, Disney and more. Astonishingly, though, their 150-person company is mostly remote.

In their early stages, teams at McBeard had been dropping material into an IM box. Even when the company was small, this was tedious — so much so that it would have prevented them from growing.

MURAL changed that. It allowed them to collaborate upon large quantities of material quickly and at scale. Now, they can share lots of materials visually, communicate on ideas quicker, and show work with clients easier — even with a distributed team.

MURAL is now one of the foundational tools of McBeard, essential for their collective moodboarding which has become their key method for visual communication and collaboration.

👉  "MURAL is almost essential to the type of work we engage in. It becomes most important when we need to work in realtime with designers — it's how we visually communicate and collaborate with them."
— KAILEY HOWELL Creative Director, McBeard

How they do it

  1. Create moodboards in MURAL to articulate emotion, tone, and style when words aren’t enough to capture creative or abstract concepts.
  2. Communicate diligently with remote teammates about work surroundings and additional work obligations to ensure that digital collaborators are in sync and dialed-in.
  3. Use MURAL to establish real-time digital sessions for cross functional teams who would otherwise require painstaking explanation by phone or email to collaborate.

Take Action


This template, designed by and used within McBeard, is ready to be duplicated and used in your own projects.

Create a mural in your workspace from the template below:

About the author

About the authors

Kailey Howell

Creative Director
Kailey was the Creative Director at McBeard, leading remote teams to develop stylistic direction and content strategies for prominent global companies - creating content people love for brands that love people.