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Use Quick Talk for Collaboration Sessions

Written by 
Sean Lauer
September 2, 2020

For many of us who now work from home due to the global pandemic, the transition to remote work has raised challenges that can impact our productivity and creativity. We’ve run into things like “Zoom fatigue” and other barriers to effective collaboration.

One critical gap remote work has left is the ability to quickly and informally gather around a whiteboard with a team to collaborate.

To help solve the challenge of being suddenly remote, millions of people have turned to MURAL for visual collaboration. Yet, to quickly converse with other collaborators, they’ve needed to fire up a video conferencing application, copy and share a link across chat, and wait for the team hop on. Sometimes, by the time everyone’s together, that “aha” moment has slipped out of reach.

We’re excited to introduce a solution that will bring us another step closer to the days of quick, easy, and informal collaboration.

Introducing Quick Talk, powered by

You can now elevate your collaboration sessions with Quick Talk, a new voice calling capability within MURAL. Instantly jump on a call when you’re in a mural to connect with collaborators. No need to find and share a link, just click on the phone icon 📞 next to the collaborator avatars in any mural to start or join a call.

It’s best for those unplanned conversations that require you to briefly connect with your team and will enhance your MURAL working sessions.

Quick Talk gives you a fast, easy way to:

   🥁  Sync on progress

   🎳  Align on next steps

   🚧  Work through roadblocks

   🗓  Review updates with your team

It brings back that elusive feeling of gathering in a room with your team that would so often lead to big break-throughs and a shared sense of purpose. The outstanding sound quality that comes from working with doesn’t hurt, either.

Proven sound quality and security

Quick Talk was built using's best-in-class voice technology, which provides outstanding call quality and data security.

“With APIs, collaborators in MURAL can utilize the same technology that powers over 25 billion minutes of conference calls per year for seamless, crystal clear communications.”

💡 Stephane Giraudie | Senior Director of Cloud Communications, Dolby

And of course, it’s totally secure. Quick Talk calls are fully encrypted and are routed through a Data Transport Layer Security (DTLS) connection to provide an additional measure of security. Call data is not stored, and Quick Talk can be disabled/enabled through both the company and workspace administration dashboards.

How to get started with Quick Talk

Check it out today by looking for the phone icon 📞 next to the collaborator avatars in a mural.

If you don’t see the phone icon on your murals, contact your company or workspace administrator to enable it. Quick Talk can be enabled for specific workspaces or for an entire company.

As always, reach out to with any questions or feedback, or check out the Help Center for more information.

Note: If you’re an Enterprise Network customer, you won’t see the feature unless your company administrator has enabled it. 

About the author

About the authors

Sean Lauer

Head of Product Marketing
Head of Product Marketing @ MURAL. Previously @ Twitter. A true left-brain, right-brain thinker with diverse marketing experience that he uses to drive MURAL product adoption. Lives in California with his wife, two cats, and a dog.