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Make Visual Collaboration Even Easier With Custom Toolbar

Written by 
Janae Smith
August 31, 2021

Facilitating meetings and workshops with MURAL should be effortless and productive — whether your collaborators have experience using an online whiteboard or not! But it can feel risky introducing a new visual collaboration solution with first time users, even with a platform as intuitive as MURAL. 

When collaborators enter a mural for the first time, they have access to the full suite of visual thinking tools at their fingertips — tools that are powerful and fun to play around with, but can sometimes be distracting and unnecessary to achieve the goal of the session. 

What if you could customize the experience in your MURAL workspace to simplify and streamline your collaboration session? 🤔 MURAL is excited to announce that now, you can with the new Facilitation Superpowers: custom toolbar! ✨

Introducing custom toolbar — your new Facilitation Superpower feature

👉  Available now when you sign in or sign up for free!

Custom toolbar simplifies the collaboration experience by choosing which visual thinking tools are available for collaborators to use in a mural. This new, intuitive feature makes MURAL even easier to use for first time collaborators, and empowers facilitators and consultants to confidently plan, lead, and sustain impactful meetings and workshops.

To activate this new superpower, quickly toggle the feature on in the top bar and select which tools you want your members, guests, and visitors to be able to use. For example, you can limit collaborators to just sticky notes to begin a meeting and then later turn on drawing when needed. You can then click see preview in the dropdown menu to ensure this is the desired experience before you get started.

Make your toolbar work for you with our new customizable options.

Make your meetings more focused 

Select which visual thinking tools your collaborators can and can’t see in the side toolbar to focus their attention on what’s needed for the meeting — and hide everything else. This helps facilitators and consultants lead structured, productive sessions and reduces any meeting distractions.

Hide unnecessary tools to simplify your mural as needed.

💡 Pro tip: Use these additional superpowers to help structure your meetings — summon participants, highlight areas with a laser pointer, keep activities on track with a timer, and more!

Build collaboration confidence

Customize the collaboration experience to fit the unique needs of your audience and workshop. Start with only the basic visual thinking tools, such as sticky notes, icons, and images — and easily add new tools as your session progresses in real time! This flexibility helps build a collaborator’s confidence by fostering a safe space for them to learn, experiment, and level up their visual collaboration skills.

Customize your collaboration experience to fit your needs and your audience.

Increase collaborator engagement

Reduce complexity and confusion in your meetings by providing only the visual thinking tools needed for the dedicated activity. This makes it easy and stress-free for collaborators to engage and participate while learning how to become a visual collaboration pro.

By simplifying the experience, your team will be empowered to dive right into the task at hand.

💡 Pro tip: Use these additional superpowers to help increase collaborator engagement — celebrate successes with confetti, generate diverse ideas with private mode, prioritize through anonymous voting, and more!

Supercharge guided collaboration

Custom toolbar is just one of many Facilitation Superpowers features that make meetings more interactive, engaging, and fun. Take advantage of all the superpowers in your next meeting to achieve incredible outcomes, drive innovation, and unleash imagination with your team and clients.

Try all of MURAL’s Facilitation Superpowers features when you sign in or get your free forever MURAL workspace today!

About the author

About the authors

Janae Smith

Product Marketing Manager @ MURAL who is passionate about delivering valuable solutions to customers. Colorado native currently exploring life in the Midwest. Happiest when drinking hot tea and doing yoga.