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Seamless Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Written by 
Bentley Rubinstein
June 6, 2018

Do you use Microsoft Teams to chat, host video meetings, share files, and collaborate with others at work?

Now you have the power of MURAL at your fingertips inside of Teams.

Today we’re excited to release our integrated app for Microsoft Teams. MURAL for Teams enhances the way you can use agile, lean, and design thinking methods with others by putting the powerful visual collaboration capabilities of MURAL directly alongside the chats, video calls, shared files, and tools you’re already using. This new offering builds upon our existing apps and integrations for the Microsoft ecosystem, including Windows 10, Surface Hub, and Microsoft Azure.

MURAL for Teams facilitates visual collaboration by enabling you to:

Work on murals where it’s most convenient.  Now you can add murals as Tabs inside of Channels where they appear conveniently alongside your team’s Conversions and Files. Create new murals or add existing ones, and then contribute and edit directly inside of the Channel to enable seamless collaboration.

Vid_Add Mural Tab

Never miss an important update in a mural. The smart MURAL Bot sends you instant notifications about activity in your murals, including when someone joins a mural, invites you to a mural, mentions you in a comment, and more. Then you can begin chatting with your team or start a video call while simultaneously collaborating on a mural, all inside of Teams.


Access MURAL templates with ease. Using Messaging Extensions, you can quickly find the MURAL templates you need to run your design sprints, agile sprints, and sprint planning sessions. You can also take advantage of MURAL’s tools for orchestrating workshops such as voting and timers to make your work even more efficient.


“Many of the largest, forward-thinking companies around the world are already using Office 365 and Teams to facilitate collaboration across their distributed organizations. As visual collaboration becomes an increasingly important part of the way we work, we’re excited that MURAL has deeply integrated its app into Teams so that workers have the tools they need in one place.”Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem

Starting today, you can take advantage of MURAL for Teams where you want, when you want using any device or browser currently supported by Teams. Now your distributed team can work more efficiently and effectively by having all the tools you need in one place.

Learn more about MURAL for Teams, and try MURAL free for 30 days if you don’t already have a Workspace.

Add MURAL to Teams from the Teams App Store.

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About the authors

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