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Special Touches That Make Your Sprints Kickass: Webinar Recap

Written by 
David Chin
October 7, 2018

As a facilitator, you have the opportunity to create brief experiences to elevate/punctuate moments throughout a design sprint. These special touches are where impact is made, what clients remember - and what make your sprint kickass.

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In this webinar, we welcomed Dee Scarano (Lead Design Sprint Trainer at AJ&Smart) to share tips and insights into her mastery of the sprint process.

Dee has worked in product design and UX design for 10 years and is now teaching the power of design sprints with AJ&Smart and Jake Knapp (creator of the Design Sprint). She's run hundreds of design sprints and trained people from some of the biggest and best companies in the world. She knows her stuff.

We covered a range of topics including:

💡 Preparation steps to add confidence and relieve stress
💡 Facilitation secrets like how to keep control of the group
💡 How to give clear instructions
💡 Iteration Sprints: An extra week to ensure success
💡 Special Touches: room setup, atmosphere, food & drinks, timing, etc.

*Dee also included special bonus material at the end of the webinar which is normally only shared during their paid sprint training sessions.

If you missed the live webinar, we've got all of the resources below - including a link to AJ&Smart's free 1 hr masterclass.

Watch the video recording:

Explore the presentation deck:

👉 To register for the free AJ&Smart masterclass click here.

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About the authors

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