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Build Collaborative Confidence in the MURAL Experience Lab

Written by 
Hailey Temple
September 18, 2019

Learning by doing is an essential part of success -- digital collaboration is like a muscle. It needs daily exercise to build strength, but also for us to build confidence in our abilities. MURAL is our gym, and we have opened the MURAL Experience Lab as a proving ground and space to refine these skills.

Strengthen your digital facilitation muscles with MURAL coaches and collaborators

Why join the Experience Lab?

Become a collaboration change maker within your organization. Practice with collaborators like you in a no-pressure environment. Learn new methods and strategies you can apply right after the session. Inspire your team to work in awesome new ways.

What is the Experience Lab?

Twice a month, this 90-minute hands-on session gives you the chance to practice problem solving methods in a digital space. Collaborators from different companies connect and learn participant engagement tips, MURAL features, and new ways to solve problems.

This cameras-on session gives you the confidence to work with teammates from anywhere.

Digital face-to-face collaboration during our Experience Lab breakout activity. Access this breakout template here.

What happens in Experience Labs?

We bring up to 35 collaborators with different experience levels into a MURAL canvas to learn the session topic. We love using images, icons, and diagrams to bring the story and examples to life.

Mark Tippin, MURAL Services Lead, explains problem framing to participants during an Experience Lab.

Next, we jump into break out groups for focused co-creation. They practice using the method to solve a real-world challenge. For a true practice experience, you will have a role to play in the breakout.

What do you learn in an Experience Lab?

Each month, we choose new topic method based on your challenges and needs. Recently, we hosted “Asking The Right Questions for Better Solutions,” where we focused on the power of problem framing with the Problem-Tree Analysis and Abstraction Laddering methods.

Collaborators building the ladder during a breakout. See the breakout template here.

After you leave the Experience Lab, we want you to feel excited and confident working with teammates from anywhere. We move beyond the method and discuss best practices and tips for making the most of MURAL. Mark and I are excited to share our facilitation superpowers with you and other MURAL customers. Our MURAL Services team can teach and coach your team's shift to visual and digital collaboration.

About the author

About the authors

Hailey Temple

Hailey is a Services Lead at MURAL. She's a creative problem solver who is passionate about making collaboration happen anywhere.