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Curb the Chaos: Webinar Recap

Written by 
Mary Halling
December 20, 2019

We were joined by XPLANE's Creative Director Tim May last week, along with our own Jim Kalbach, for a webinar exploring visual frameworks for collaborative sensemaking. Tim made the case that collaborating visually, rather than just with text, within certain creative constraints, enables people to go faster and farther with things like brainstorming and innovation.

creating chaos MURAL webinar

Tim invited a few lucky participants to demonstrate something we all know as a regular ol' brainstorm, based on a topic we had voted for just prior. In other words we created chaos (see above), so that then we could then tease out main themes and organize it based on the kind of story we wanted to tell, and what telling that story would help us solve. "Are we telling a 'what' story, a 'how' story, or a 'why' story?" Tim posited. Answering that would help us figure out how to organize the information we'd just generated.

nodes and connectors MURAL webinar

🖼️ Explore Tim's entire presentation in MURAL here:

presentation curb the chaos XPLANE mural webinar

📹 Access the webinar recording here:

Hope to see you at our webinars in 2020! Here are some additional resources to explore until then:

The activation curve Tim mentioned:

Activation Curve - 2015_v

More XPLANE resources related to visual thinking:

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About the authors

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