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4 Templates for Running Your Best Meeting Yet

Written by 
Lindsay Olson
June 25, 2021
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We’ve probably all experienced a lack of patience for poorly planned meetings. It can be difficult to plan a well-structured, effective meeting — especially in a virtual setting — but having the proper visual collaboration tools in place makes it easy, engaging, and fun. 

In this blog post, you’ll find four fail-proof templates, ideas, and methods to make your next meeting your best one yet. 

Make your team stand-ups outstanding 

Many of us in the technology industry are leaning into Agile methods in one way or another. While working quickly on smaller projects is effective, it takes the right amount of communication and collaboration. Many teams rely on their daily stand-up meeting to communicate progress and work through potential blockers. In this Ultimate Team Stand-up template, you’ll find the perfect template that puts the FUN in functional planning.

From cat-inspired check-ins to what’s on your radar, make your next team stand-up “hilarious, memorable, and effective.”

Set up your scrum rituals for success

Speaking of an Agile mindset, you might have seen our recent announcement about MURAL’s new Jira Cloud integration. In the MURAL Community, the Template team has recently released five new templates — from sprint planning to retros — to successfully complete your Agile Rituals in MURAL.

Our favorite quick tip for running Agile meetings? Incorporating a battery-inspired energy check in pre- and post-meeting to assess energy levels and adjust the meeting to fit your team's needs.

Keep your team's energy levels in check so you can keep ideas flowing!

Meet to measure what matters

The Community team at MURAL has a strategy meeting every month where our OKRs and other goals (like KPIs) are talked about often. Our community has a good grasp on what is important for this kind of strategy and goal setting meeting environment. It’s helpful to think about the big picture, and in this MURAL Community discussion you will find links to webinars, templates, blogs, and other resources to help you prepare and shine in your next big planning meeting.

You can find links to valuable work productivity and planning resources in the MURAL Community.

Plan for that planning meeting 

Preparing for meetings can often feel like a tedious and time-consuming task — but we’re here to help you thrive in today’s remote world. This quick tip discussion in the MURAL Community will point you to resources and content all related to how you can prepare yourself and your team for the best meeting experience ever. 

Pre-work prep can lead to more efficient (and fun!) meetings.

Request and vote on new MURAL template ideas

Our community members have introduced us to some really interesting and unique meeting methods, such as the Lean Coffee session. Love this idea for a new MURAL template? You can now vote on template ideas submitted by your peers and request your own in the MURAL Community.

Discover more useful tips and tricks in the MURAL Community

Just like a meeting, your mural can often start as a blank slate — full of purpose and promise.

Whether you’re an experienced or aspiring visual collaborator, MURAL is dedicated to building new ways to uplevel your meeting game. Every Tuesday in the MURAL Community, the Template team shares up-to-date tips, tricks, and new template releases to help our members accomplish their goals. 

Have a meeting tip or template to share? We want to hear it! Visit the MURAL Community today, check out our Templates category, and join the conversation. See you in the community.


About the author

About the authors

Lindsay Olson

Lindsay Olson is a Community Manager at MURAL, based in Portland, OR. Lindsay specializes in community strategy, people-centric spaces, and visual collaboration.