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Re:think Teamwork

Wednesday, October 26 // 12pm ET • Thursday, October 27 // 10am AEDT • Thursday, October 27 // 10am BST

This event occured on Oct 26, 2022

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Going back to the old ways of working isn’t working. Engaging people, solving problems, and discovering great ideas won’t happen just by being in the same room or the same Zoom. It requires space and practices designed for collaboration.

We found a better way to work.

That’s why we hosted a day chock-full of fresh insights around helping teams build collaboration skills that drive efficiency and alignment. We spoke with author, Priya Parker, about how to be a thoughtful gatherer as well as SAP about how they successfully transformed collaboration within their organization. We also brought in Agus Soler, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer and Kit Unger, SVP of Design at Mural, who showcased a sneak peek at the upgraded Mural interface and dashboard.

Read on for highlights from our Re:think Teamwork event.

Session 1: “Meet Me Where I Am” — How to Reinvigorate Your Team Through Connection

Teamwork takes more than scheduling a meeting. If you hope to lead your people to do their best work, start with the "why" behind your gatherings. Begin by meeting your team where they are, inviting them to be a part of something they believe in, and engaging them in a journey to tackle even the most complex problems together.

Priya Parker, author of The Art of Gathering, spoke with Laïla von Alvensleben, Head of Culture and Collaboration at Mural, to help us take a deeper look at how anyone can create collective meaning in modern life… one gathering at a time.

As a conflict-resolution facilitator, Priya believes the power of transformative gatherings comes from the shaping of people and giving each participant a purpose. After interviewing hundreds of different people who facilitate gatherings across everything from sports and religion, to photography and politics, she learned that no one held a clear definition of what a perfect gathering would look like. Instead, they first asked, why are we doing this?

“The biggest mistake we make as gatherers is we assume that the purpose of the gathering is obvious and shared,” says Priya. She believes people often assume the gathering form will mold to the need on its own, when instead, we need to take a step back and magnify the need, then address who needs to be in the room to get those needs met.

Over the last few years, communication has become synonymous with connection. As a result,  companies began investing more and more in communication tools to get the job done. However, Priya believes what leaders really need to do is focus on being intentional about how they bring teams together. This begins with being a thoughtful gatherer.

A thoughtful gatherer can be a host or a guest and should start by simply observing — how people are interacting, who’s speaking, how the chat functionality is being used, etc., and explore the need for the gathering.

Learning how to embrace a hybrid gathering environment is another building block of being a thoughtful gatherer. Priya says in order to have an impactful hybrid gathering, you must assign a host or facilitator to each space (virtual and in-person). Next, you must explore the need for the gathering and determine whether each space needs to be connected or if they can be two simultaneous but separate experiences. She suggests accepting that the two experiences will be different and designing them accordingly.

Fundamentally, every effective gathering must have a legitimacy of purpose. People want to be relevant guests and make an impact. Priya believes when you establish the need for a gathering and give each participant a sense of belonging and purpose within that gathering, you are thoughtfully bringing intention within collaboration.

Sign up for Priya’s newsletter or download her latest guide on hybrid gatherings at priyaparker.com.

Session 2: How Connected Teams Drive Remarkable Outcomes

You’ve adopted new tech tools, started returning to the office, and continued to evolve in this new era of work — but your team is still struggling to stay connected and engaged. Effective collaboration won’t just happen because you have the right software or return to the office. But don't worry — anyone anywhere can lead teams to achieve remarkable outcomes together.

Chris Pacione, Co-founder of LUMA Institute and Head of the Collaboration Design Institute at Mural, shares how to equip your team with the skills and know-how to collaborate and bring out the best in each other.

Session 3: How Intentional Teamwork Transformed SAP

Fabian Leitz, UX Design Consultant at SAP, and Wout Hermans, Head of EMEA Customer Success at Mural, share how they transformed collaboration at SAP to bring intention into teamwork.

The conversation includes how the company adapted and scaled collaboration based on design thinking principles, how Fabian builds trust between team members in a hybrid workplace, and learnings for team leaders looking to improve how their teams solve problems together.

Session 4: Meet the New Mural: Where Extraordinary Teamwork Happens

To do extraordinary work that drives remarkable outcomes, any old whiteboard tool won’t do — you need an intuitive collaboration experience that inspires and performs. Welcome to the new Mural, influenced by over a decade of visual collaboration know-how.

Agus Soler, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Mural, and Kit Unger, SVP of Design at Mural, share an early preview of Mural’s upgraded user interface, dashboard, and product enhancements that will inspire and energize teams everywhere to collaborate more effectively.

Ready to become a thoughtful gatherer and bring intentional collaboration to your team? Explore our tried-and-true templates to help make your next gathering impactful.

Re:think Teamwork | A Virtual Event

Going back to the old ways of working isn’t working. Engaging people, solving problems, and discovering great ideas won’t happen just by being in the same room or the same Zoom. It requires space and practices designed for collaboration.

Teams need a better way to work — and we can help.

Join us for a day of discussion around how to help your team develop collaboration skills that drive efficiency and alignment. Plus, get a sneak peek at an all-new Mural experience that will spark engagement and creativity across your team. Sessions will be the same for each time zone.

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