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Capco Digital is a collaborative, diverse, and passionate team (within the broader Capco organization) with deep financial services experience. Capco Digital manages global, end-to-end digital transformation initiatives for many of the world's leading financial services companies.

With  a human-centered design approach to problem-solving, the Capco Digital team typically travels to run on-site design thinking workshops and co-create solutions with their clients spread across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

For a recent project working to help redefine a tier 1 banking client's end-to-end onboarding process, Capco faced the challenge of including dozens of client stakeholders spread across different global offices. Capco ran these workshops entirely digitally, for the first time so that all stakeholders could participate, as and when appropriate.



While  the core Capco Digital team was mostly based in New York, their client’s stakeholders were spread across the globe, including in  India, Hong Kong, Japan, London, Uruguay, and Hungary.

With over 40 people involved for a project lasting over 3 months and that spanned several time zones - organizing workshops, capturing creative content, streamlining communication, while keeping all stakeholders aligned, presented a major challenge.

Calls with multiple stakeholders made it difficult to capture ideas and even understand who was on the call, and why. With so many touchpoints in a customer onboarding project, t managing ongoing communications via email would cause too much noise with so many participants.

The Capco team needed one central hub where everyone could easily come together to collaborate creatively over a series of sessions involving different stakeholders at different stages of the project. They’d need to come in and quickly get up to speed on the current situation so they could make meaningful creative contributions right off the bat.

We don't think it would be possible to do it any other way, other than in MURAL.

Maryana HordeychukSenior Designer and Marketing Strategist, Capco Digital



Capco Digital selected MURAL as a central digital workspace and project hub that team members could access anytime, from anywhere, on any device, synchronously or asynchronously.

The project was structured as a series of successive workshops, each captured in a mural that was then linked to other murals for quick navigation and work transparency. Each mural was a customized template using client logos and branding elements, adding personality and color to the digital project space.

Some of the client bank’s team members had never met each other but were now able to work seamlessly together for the first time. The Capco team took full advantage of the facilitator controls in MURAL and used timed icebreakers and background music to develop team rapport and atmosphere. This helped keep the team’s energy and focus high.

Groups were pre-selected based on a mix of skills and seniority
2. Separate teams entered their own breakout murals to do rapid brainstorming, and to  vote on the best ideas
3. Then, each team copy-pasted their final notes into the main, foundational mural to visually synthesize clustered themes
4. These ideas were carried forward to the next workshop's mural, providing a system of creative record for the project across multiple sessions and stakeholders



MURAL is now Capco’s go-to digital hub when starting almost any project requiring distributed teams to collaborate creatively. MURAL caters to Capco’s agile approach to work, including appropriate templates that allow for continuous builds while adding ideas, changing things, and maintaining creative momentum. Teams can put all of their ideas into murals with a sense of security and don’t have to worry about their work being lost or compromised. This is critical for a company specializing in confidential client-based financial services work.

The Capco and client team members each work from their respective global offices and remote team members join in too. This means there is next to no need for mounting travel costs and itinerary chaos to collaborate effectively. Indeed, working digitally in MURAL brings the project team members together more often in the comfort of their own surroundings and makes them feel closer and stronger as a team getting work done efficiently.

It’s not often we find tools that can operate in the highly regulated environments in which we work. MURAL has allowed our teams to seamlessly collaborate with our clients and engage with them in a whole new way.

Meghan Byrnes-BorderanHead of Design, Capco Digital



Working in MURAL strengthened the client team’s daily collaboration habits, moving away from relying solely on phone calls for meetings. Discussions have a moment to them, clients don’t just hear the voices, they see the action. They’re able to see how Capco captures everything (on calls and in workshops), providing added transparency and creating greater alignment between client and team.

Capturing 'what happened in the workshop’ is effectively done in real time, instead of spending hours recreating and organizing post-workshop deliverables. Capco and its client then have a creative system of record to use as a reference going forward.


  • Streamline the workflow AND preparation
  • Streamline the output and follow up from workshops
  • Streamline decision making in real-time
  • Shorten project timelines, offering more time for implementing and testing new solutions



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