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Written by 
Kate Holden
July 22, 2022

I believe that you can’t put a price on making your team happier — whether that’s from reducing the frustrations of rework for clients, eliminating energy-sapping meetings from peoples’ calendars, or building new connections across teams so individuals feel less isolated.

Everything I listed there? Real benefits of MURAL that I hear each week from our customers in what we call “impact workshops” — discovery sessions my team leads to ensure we’re on track to help members build strong cultures of collaboration. But the reality is that building a business case for a new technology or solution requires quantitative data on value. Especially as more and more teams are experiencing budget cutbacks and scrutiny in a tightening economy. 

My team at MURAL helps prospective members build out a detailed business case and impact measurement strategy during collaborative workshops, and we’re now able to translate some of that strategy into a DIY calculator developed by Forrester on behalf of MURAL.

How the ROI calculator works

Based on our 2022 Total Economic Impact™ study of MURAL’s platform and enablement with SAP, Forrester Consulting built out a calculator to help team and organization leaders measure some of the ways MURAL can deliver savings. 

For example, the Forrester study found:

  • Improved solution design efficiency that will provide nearly $6.5 million in value to SAP over three years.
  • Shorter, more efficient pre-sales calls with potential clients that will provide almost $7.8 million in value to SAP over three years.
  • Lower UX designer attrition after MURAL’s adoption.

The calculator is based on real savings and revenue-generating practices from SAP’s decision-makers and collaboration designers, and it lets you scale up or down with interactive sliders to adjust the numbers based on your team and organization size. You definitely don’t need to be as big as SAP or at their adoption scale to see benefits with MURAL; in fact, we have supported many company-wide transformations that began with individual team adoption and evangelism.

If you’re researching visual collaboration solutions, online whiteboards, or collaborative intelligence solutions, give the calculator a try! And if you’re intrigued by what you see, we’d love to discover more about your organization’s needs and help you create a truly custom business case for MURAL. 

Generate a free custom snapshot of your company’s potential ROI with MURAL on the Forrester calculator page.

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About the author

About the authors

Kate Holden

Kate Holden

Kate focuses on Sales Strategy at MURAL, helping organizations stop leaving collaboration up to chance. She’s an avid pasta eater and dedicated dog mother to Lola, the world’s cutest golden retriever.

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