Power up teamwork with a Mural + Microsoft collaboration stack at Microsoft Ignite

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Gabby Francesco
November 2, 2021
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At Microsoft Ignite in March, the MURAL team demonstrated how to turn “Let’s meet” into “Let’s collaborate” to transform how teams work together and bring the human element of in-person collaboration to a digital setting. Since then, MURAL has invested heavily in developing our vision for a more unified collaboration and productivity experience — where teams can work together in MURAL across the Microsoft ecosystem. 

In September, the product team launched the MURAL® App for Microsoft Teams, giving customers the ability to bring a mural directly into any Microsoft Teams channel, chat, meeting invite, or video meeting. Since then, we've seen incredible adoption of the integration. Today at Ignite, we’re thrilled to build on this momentum and share what we have in store for 2022. 

Starting today, MURAL is proud to be a featured preview partner for a set of new capabilities that will extend MURAL into the Microsoft 365 platform. Soon, even more teams will be able to discover the power of visual collaboration within Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Office so that they can reimagine the hybrid workplace. 

With the inclusion of MURAL in additional collaboration, productivity, and communication hubs, the 50+ million Microsoft 365 subscribers around the world will benefit from a seamless collaboration experience across devices, platforms, and timezones. To learn more about MURAL as a featured launch partner (this is just the beginning!), check out the Ignite session where MURAL is showcased.

What’s Next for MURAL and Microsoft?

The past eighteen months have transformed the way that teams work together using collaboration software. As companies consider remote, hybrid, distributed, and other models going forward, MURAL continues to work with Microsoft to not only meet enterprise customers where they are but also to remain at the forefront of hybrid work trends. 

The missing piece to this transformation, however, has been the seamless integration of an enterprise-grade visual collaboration solution with other productivity and collaboration solutions in a single, centralized ecosystem. We envision a Microsoft + MURAL collaboration suite that is seamlessly and securely connected, where visual collaboration is interwoven into the Microsoft ecosystem, becoming a part of an organization’s fiber. This interconnectedness will fuel better teamwork during meetings and workshops as well as when working asynchronously. This combination will help organizations solve problems faster, reducing context switching and making fragmented collaboration workflows frustrations of the past. 

To make this vision a reality, MURAL is taking our work with Microsoft a step further and making significant investments in our product roadmap to empower organizations with a Microsoft + MURAL collaboration suite that will be available in 2022. 

We’re excited to continue to invest heavily in our long-term, strategic vision with Microsoft to bring even greater value to our shared customers,” said Richard Borenstein, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at MURAL.

Our vision is anchored on customer outcomes, and we are thrilled to share a preview of what’s to come. Microsoft has long been a leader in providing tools for collaboration and communication. What’s been missing is the ability to weave visual thinking and facilitation capabilities into these platforms to make collaboration more engaging and inclusive. With that, we’ll be releasing new integrations for Microsoft Office and Outlook — the core hubs where we know teamwork happens. 

Another objective will be to help organizations simplify their collaboration workflows, making them more productive. With an Azure DevOps integration, Microsoft and MURAL customers will be able to easily synchronize work planning across platforms while conducting Agile ceremonies, product planning and development.

We’re also reimagining presentations with a Microsoft Powerpoint integration to make visual content sharing more interactive and intuitive to help teams be more effective and work smarter. 

Lastly, enterprise companies require a collaboration experience with security they can trust. To date, MURAL works with over 90% of the Fortune 100 and some of the most security conscious industries. Coming soon, MURAL will integrate with Azure Active Directory to enable enterprises to centrally and securely automate provisioning and deprovisioning of members as well as easily set up single-sign on (SSO).

We’re thrilled about what’s next. To learn more, request an overview of our roadmap

👉  Learn more about the new MURAL App for Teams at and check out more resources on our partner page at Ignite. 

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About the authors

About the authors

Gabby Francesco

Gabby Francesco

Senior Product Marketing Manager at MURAL. Jersey native currently calling Seattle home. Aspiring travel photographer. Coffee connoisseur. Happiest when cooking and doing yoga.

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