Celebrating May Mural member month

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Beth Vanderkolk
May 2, 2022
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We want to take a moment to thank MURAL members all around the world. Our members are the peanut butter to our jelly. The cookies to our milk. The ping to our pong. If you’re not familiar with these phrases, they refer to adding something positive or complementary that makes the whole even better than the sum of its parts. And this is exactly what our members have done in the last year with MURAL — made it better.

Our members’ passion for innovation, collaboration, and creativity are the reason why MURAL exists as the force it is today. During the month of May, we’ll recognize our members’ role in everything we do, including our commitment to core values of teamwork, communication, innovation, and collaborative intelligence. 

The cherry on top of this cake? We’re also celebrating the MURAL Community’s 1st birthday! In the last year, we’ve watched our Community members come together in an inclusive, engaging, and fun space to connect, share ideas, and inspire one another to work better — together. Members have shown us that inside the MURAL Community, they’re free to collaborate easily and transparently so that the barriers to activating talent and expertise disappear and imagination can flourish. We’re so proud to come together with our members to flourish in a safe space to unlock new ideas, solve hard problems, and innovate faster. 

Throughout the month of May, we’re celebrating MURAL members and the MURAL Community’s 1st birthday with:

  • A two-part webinar series featuring Chris Pacione, CEO and co-founder of LUMA, and Jim Kalbach, Chief Evangelist at MURAL
  • 1x1 meetings with Meghan, MURAL Community Manager!
  • A MURAL Community birthday cookie decorating activity
  • A special launch on the MURAL Community
  • Two async Ask Me Anything discussions on the MURAL Community
  • Member quotes and stories about their experience with MURAL
  • A template remix contest on the MURAL Community
  • And more!
✨ 🎉 👉 Join the party in the MURAL Community

As we reflect on the success of our members, we’re filled with gratitude. We thank our members for helping us home in on our purpose of unleashing a collective imagination on the world’s biggest problems. From conversations with your teammates to sharing sessions on new technology, there are always new ideas that emerge at MURAL. Through community collaboration and the open exchange of ideas, we can unlock limitless possibilities and make discoveries that are bound only by our imagination. As members come together to collaborate, no project is too big, no challenge too hard — but only when we all work together.

Thank you, MURAL members. You embody the heart of collaboration and community that drives every aspect of our work and inspires us each day. As we continue to ignite change with our community, we ask our members to let us know what you would like to do together. 

About the authors

About the authors

Beth Vanderkolk

Beth Vanderkolk

Director of Community
Beth Vanderkolk is Director of Community @ MURAL. She spends her free time enjoying all the tacos and swimming holes that Austin has to offer.

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