Introducing data residency for Mural

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Josh Berman
February 8, 2022
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With an increasingly distributed workforce, and more and more cloud-based applications available to support global enterprises, data storage has risen in importance as well as complexity. Many organizations today face corporate policies, regulatory requirements, and contractual agreements with their clients and customers that guide where data is required to be stored for the applications that power their business. 

To support our customers in highly regulated industries and geographies, we are excited to now offer regional data residency for MURAL. This is the latest example of MURAL's continued investment in the realm of security and compliance, and meeting the evolving needs of global businesses with enterprise-grade solutions.

What is data residency?

Data residency refers to the ability to select the geographic location in which certain data from cloud-based applications is stored.

What's MURAL's approach?

MURAL's data residency capabilities enable Enterprise plan customers to designate the region where data in a mural is stored —  selecting from North America, Europe, or Asia-Pacific regions — to help them meet corporate policies and compliance requirements globally. It can be customized on a workspace-by-workspace basis.

Offering this granular level of control allows geographically dispersed teams, such as consultancies working with clients abroad, to securely store their visual collaboration data locally while unlocking the full benefits of the MURAL platform globally. 

Everything existing Enterprise plan customers need to know

Data residency is offered at no additional cost to Enterprise plan customers and can be set up during the creation of a new workspace with help from your Customer Success partner. Company admins are also able to gain visibility into where data is stored on a per-workspace basis.

👉  Data residency is now available on Enterprise plans. Click here to learn more

Trust at MURAL

Collaborating in hybrid, remote, or distributed work environments adds additional security and administrative requirements, alongside other complexity. As the leading visual collaboration platform in the enterprise, we’ve invested heavily in our data protection program and in the development of dedicated product security features, so customers can unleash the power of visual collaboration broadly while resting assured that data and sensitive information is safeguarded in any work environment. 

MURAL maintains active SOC2 Type 2 and ISO 9001 certifications and complies with GDPR.

This approach is trusted by 95 percent of the Fortune 100 and customers in highly regulated industries such as financial services, government, and healthcare.

To learn more about trust and security at MURAL, visit or get in touch with our enterprise transformation experts today.

About the authors

About the authors

Josh Berman

Josh Berman

Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Josh is a seasoned product marketing professional whose experience in the software industry has afforded him a world-class education in agile and design thinking methodologies.

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