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Adriana Roche
September 10, 2020

I remember like it was yesterday when the best way to grow a team was to be together in an office. When I started at Segment in 2015, we were mostly located in San Francisco.

Everyone knew everyone else, and in-person collaboration was essential to the way we worked. For example, we had a dedicated design room with a huge whiteboard where teams would ideate and come up with novel solutions to new problems.

The last five years working at Segment were incredible. While I was there, the company grew from 50 to over 500 people and achieved unicorn status. It is hard to say goodbye to such a fantastic team and culture. I have nothing but love for everyone there and will be cheering from the sidelines, celebrating their every success.

My next normal

It’s an interesting time in the world. Suddenly, teams have been forced to work apart from one another, and trends that were emerging, like online ideation and collaboration, have quickly become essential. While at Segment, we had many discussions around ensuring we continued to be innovative and collaborative despite the distance.

MURAL is helping teams do just that. I am incredibly excited to share that I’m now a part of the team that helps others put their imagination to work from anywhere through visual collaboration.

MURAL has emerged an essential part of the ideation and collaboration process, which is why business has exploded over the last few months! I’m excited to continue to build this company filled with smart and humble people — people who are interested in solving hard problems and having fun while they do it, people who really believe in quick ideation and iteration, people who are at the forefront of changing how we put our thoughts and imagination onto “paper.”

Empowering teams to do their best work

Making it possible for teams to do their best work has been the cornerstone of my career. I have spent the last 10+ years working in tech — hiring, onboarding, and helping people thrive in their careers and making the companies they work for successful.

I believe that companies are only as successful as the people behind them. In my short time at MURAL, I have found a team of brilliant, driven, and humble people that I’m honored to be a part of. I’m really finding myself at home with a group of creative and decisive founders and leaders that are passionate about changing the way in which people think and work.

As visual collaboration goes global, we are working hard to grow the MURAL team. We truly believe that you can find great talent everywhere, and I hope you’ll consider joining us as we grow our distributed team. Check out all our open roles here.

About the authors

About the authors

Adriana Roche

Adriana Roche

Head of People, Culture & Places
Head of People, Culture & Places @ MURAL | Empowerer of Teams | Facilitator of aha! Moments | Global Explorer | Mom

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