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Going Hybrid? Addressing the Elephant in the Zoom Webinar Recap

Written by 
Justin Owings
April 22, 2021

Everyone is wondering: What does it mean to go “back to work?” Is it three days a week in the office and two at home? Or maybe flexible schedules set by individual teams? Remote collaboration wasn’t easy but hybrid setups — with some people in a meeting room and others on Zoom — how does that work?

Hybrid is coming … are you ready?

In this session, MURAL’s Chief Evangelist Jim Kalbach and Autodesk VP & Chief of Staff, Rob Dickins — as well as MURAL's Head of People Adriana Roche and Director, Strategic Next Practices Mark Tippin — come together to discuss hybrid work. They'll cover:

  • The collaboration environment: Physical setting, hardware, and software
  • Facilitating hybrid meetings and workshops
  • Establishing rules of engagement for hybrid teams
  • What makes hybrid so hard

This webinar was part of our ongoing discussion of Collaboration That Works: 6 Keys to High-Impact Teamwork.

Watch the recap!

Check out the presentation mural

Visual of the presentation mural — Facilitating Hybrid, remote work models, from workplace to workspace
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About the author

About the authors

Justin Owings

Director of Content Strategy
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