Finding the missing link in the enterprise collaboration toolkit

Written by 
Richard Borenstein
November 17, 2020

After I was first introduced to Mural, I instinctively knew this was something very different and special - an instant adrenaline rush. I quickly knew I needed to be part of the team. You see, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity throughout my career to have a hand in introducing brave, new technologies and methodologies that many would call “game changers.” And that’s what Mural is — game-changing technology that will forever transform the way people collaborate and innovate.

A familiar journey

From the early beginnings of my career when I helped build one of Canada’s first ISPs to my time in the unified communications technology space helping to build out RingCentral and most recently Highfive, I’ve been involved in companies that are fundamentally changing the way people interact with each other and technologies that are evolving the way work gets done — forever. 

This is even more the case with Mural. Mural speeds up how millions of people imagine solutions to problems, and it gives every voice a way to be heard, all while increasing productivity. In short, Mural unleashes visual collaboration at scale. 

Joining Mural as the head of strategic partnerships is the logical continuation of my growth as an individual and a business leader. It’s an opportunity for me to once again join an incredible team and company on a mission to powerfully upgrade how enterprises globally communicate and collaborate. My investor community, trusted colleagues and mentors, and the key decision maker in my life — my wife — all validated my due diligence that this was an undeniable ‘slam dunk.’

MURAL was a perfect fit.

The missing link

Over the course of my 25-year career in technology, I’ve seen so much. One of the most common promises made by technology advancements is that they improve productivity. This also happens to be the most common broken promise, because design processes too often overlook the most important piece of the puzzle — the human imagination. Without the right tools and methodologies to capture ideas and perspectives from the entire team in a highly collaborative planning and design process, teams and the solutions they produce often fall short.

To truly increase productivity and drive the kind of innovative outputs leading teams require, ideas must be thoroughly explored, shared, and improved upon by the combined talents of the entire team. This can be challenging for geographically dispersed teams when everyone can’t come together in the same room — something especially hard in the context of this global pandemic and within the limitations of this new remote work reality. Meanwhile, online communications tools like video calls and screen sharing, though important, limit the team’s ability to brainstorm, create, adapt,  and nurture ideas — to show teammates what we really mean. 

Mural meaningfully enhances these offerings by providing teams a common space to collaborate visually and continuously, making it easy to share and evolve concepts, drawings, and more at any time and from any location. Once innovative and distributed teams can think and collaborate visually at scale, businesses can more efficiently and thoroughly imagine new solutions and solve important problems.

I see Mural as the single biggest missing link in the enterprise collaboration toolkit. 

I’m thrilled to be leading the MURAL teams responsible for building strategic partnerships with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking organizations in the world, working together to make sure every enterprise is aware of this great new way they can truly put imagination to work. 

About the authors

About the authors

Richard Borenstein

Richard Borenstein

Head of Strategic Partnerships @ MURAL | On a mission to seamlessly integrate MURAL with the large ecosystems where imagination workers get things done.

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