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Stakeholder mapping template

Understand the key stakeholders for your next project

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To successfully collaborate with your client, it’s important for both of you to have an understanding of key stakeholders and how they will be involved throughout a project. This template helps minimize confusion on who is who, clarifies responsibilities, and catalyzes a transition from strangers to collaborators.

Use this template to identify stakeholders and strategize the level of involvement that each stakeholder will have.

How to create a Stakeholder mapping template

Features for seamless stakeholder mapping

MURAL has all the collaboration features your teams need to make stakeholder management easier than ever.
Sticky notes & text

Sticky notes & text

Add ideas, action items, and more as a sticky note or text box — then change the colors and cluster to identify patterns and new solutions.



Add comments and tag collaborators for smooth asynchronous communication.

Mapping and diagramming

Mapping and diagramming

Build quick and easy visualizations of flows, maps, processes, hierarchies, journeys, and more.

Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration

Add more productivity and engagement to meetings and calls with features to guide collaboration.

Easy sharing

Easy sharing

There are no barriers to collaboration with the ability to safely and securely share murals with others.

Video meeting integrations

Video meeting integrations

Seamlessly add visual collaboration to meetings with Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom integrations.

Stakeholder mapping template frequently asked questions

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We started teaching sellers how to use various tools to do better Discovery, generate Insights and Accelerate the deal cycle. The results have been amazing and inspiring.

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