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Sailboat retrospective template

Reflect on a journey of completing a project from start to finish

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About the Mural sailboat retrospective template

Use this free (and editable) template to pause and reflect on a work in progress. A sailboat voyage is a useful and memorable metaphor for the journey of completing a project or initiative from start to finish.

What is a sailboat retrospective?

A sailboat retrospective is a project management tool that helps managers and team members assess how well a project has been executed and identify areas for improvement. It allows team members to reflect on their progress and make changes as needed so that they can continue to improve their work process.

The four basic components of a sailboat retrospective are:

  1. The wind in our sails (what is helping to move your project along?)
  2. The anchor (what is holding your project back?)
  3. The beacons (what outcomes are on the horizon that you're working toward?
  4. The barriers (what blockers are there in the way of realizing your project's goals?)

Using a sailboat retrospective is especially useful for projects that are nearing completion, as it allows team members to take a step back and evaluate all the work that has been done up to this point.

Why use a sailboat retrospective?

The primary benefit of engaging in a sailboat retrospective is that it allows team members to reflect on their progress and identify areas for improvement. By taking time out to evaluate the work that has been done, teams can make any necessary changes before the project is completed, ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

A second advantage of using a sailboat retrospective is that it encourages collaboration and communication among team members. By discussing the project as a whole, members can come up with innovative solutions to problems that may have been overlooked earlier. Furthermore, it creates an environment of open discussion about any issues or challenges the team encountered during the project.

Finally, engaging in a sailboat retrospective is a great way to provide constructive feedback among team members and ensure that everyone is on the same page. By taking the time out to reflect on the progress made, teams can identify areas for improvement and make any necessary changes before completing their project.

How to create a Sailboat retrospective template

Use Mural's unique features make sailboat retrospectives a breeze

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