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Persona profile template

A summary of the mindset, needs, and goals held by key stakeholders

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IT’S A SAD BUT true reality that design decisions are too often based on the personal preferences and presumptions of designers. It’s far better to make design decisions in the interest of the people you are serving. A good set of personas will guide you and your team to think about the recipients of your ideas at every stage of design development.

Persona Profiles are fictional characterizations drawn from real research data. They are not preconceived stereotypes; they are archetypes borne of careful study. Therefore, personas can serve as a powerful way to make your data meaningful. When you put a face to your findings, you make your insights visible and memorable. The best Persona Profiles are comprised of illustrations, descriptive text, and a photo portrait. They can help your team remember and discuss the people for whom you are designing. As a reference for generating ideas, prioritizing features, or discussing trade-off decisions, personas are a valuable tool for decision making.

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