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Experience diagramming template

A way of mapping a person's journey through a set of circumstances or tasks

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Each and every person has a different life experience, but one thing everybody has in common is that their days are full of critical interactions, decisions, emotions, and so forth. Experience Diagramming is an effective way to visualize your event-based research. It helps you consider the impact of each and every element of an experience. It is a great way to document the extent to which you understand the current state of a particular situation.

A useful diagram reveals more than just an overview of the action. Rather, it pinpoints key decisions, highlights when and how specific tools were employed, and identifies others who were part of the experience. In addition, Experience Diagramming can also bring to light important qualities of the experience, showing the complexity or difficulty people faced and how they struggled, adapted, or overcame.

How to create a Experience diagramming template

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