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Scan whiteboards instantly and keep collaboration going

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In-person workshops are full of energy and great ideas are born. But when the sessions come to an end, someone’s stuck there transcribing all of the sticky notes and whiteboard sketches.

The time it takes to transcribe, plus the natural tendency to correct or synthesize content, creates a long gap before participants can re-engage with the content, resulting in what we call Workshop Amnesia.

MURAL Scan is a gift for all of them and everyone else that takes pictures of whiteboards.

Swipe large surfaces fast

A gentle walk along a project room and, voilá, everything gets captured to review using a modern
AR interface.

Detect all types of content

Scan will detect individual stickies, strokes and common frameworks. Missing something? We'll teach the AI together.

Turn sketched drawings to data

We'll vectorize everything so you can change color, keep connections as well as OCR all handwritten text.

Keep iterating with your team

Upload the digitized content directly to your mural. Then send the link to poeple in your workshop to keep collaboration going.