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Service Design at Scale

International teams collaborate on blueprint for success.

Intuit has a passion for UX that shows in the products and services they offer, but over time the number of offerings and their complexity grow - and so does the support system needed to meet customer challenges.

Intuit has focused on the gaps that inevitably develop in large support workflows spanning numerous teams spread across several company divisions, time zones and continents.

The method they employ is called Service Blueprinting, and it has been championed internally by Erik Flowers. Erik has iterated on the method for over a year using a traditional paper-and-pen approach. Recently, however, Erik began employing MURAL as a way to scale his successful program across the entire organization.


That’s what I love about MURAL, it’s a virtual collaboration space that is easy to use, everyone "gets" it, and it doesn’t try to reinvent collaboration - it just takes it to a new medium where there was no good option before.

Phil Gilbert
Erik Flowers, Principal Designer

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