Should you have a meeting? (Infographic)

Written by 
Brianna Hansen
May 12, 2022

To meet, or not to meet?

That actually isn’t the question — and that's a problem.

Right now, meetings are the default for better collaboration. No one is questioning them — they just show up. But when research shows that 70% of meetings keep employees from doing productive work, it’s time to rethink which meetings need to happen — and when it makes sense to collaborate asynchronously instead.

Are you unsure if all those calendar blocks are necessary? Use this infographic to help you decide.

A diagram quiz that lets you know if you should a meeting or not

Know some folks who could use this decision tree? 🤔  Click here to share the image or download the PDF.

👉🏻 Don't forget to check out our How to Change Your Team's Approach to Meetings guide if you're due for a total meeting makeover. 💄✨

About the author

About the authors

Brianna Hansen

Brianna Hansen

Sr. Integrated Content Manager
Brianna is a storyteller at MURAL. When she's not writing about transforming teamwork, she enjoys swimming, cooking (& eating) Italian food, reading psychological thrillers, and playing with her two cats.

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