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Remote Design Sprints: Webinar Recap

Written by 
David Chin
July 13, 2018

Design sprints are a great way to bring your team together to focus on a single problem - but what if your team doesn’t have the time or budget to fly everyone to the same location to run a sprint?

We recently welcomed Joe Lalley (Head of Product Management & User Experience) and Greg Smith (Sr Creative Account Manager) of PwC to share how their team planned and ran a fully remote design sprint - including the advantages, disadvantages, and surprises.

If you missed the webinar, we've got you covered.

Check out the video recording:

Explore the presentation deck:

Make Meaningful Progress Via Remote Design Sprints from MURAL

For a detailed breakdown of their sprint process and day-by-day takeaways, check out Joe's blog post.

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We've organized additional resources so you can start taking action on your biggest problems and opportunities right now, regardless of your teammate’s locations.

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About the authors

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