5 everyday uses of Mural: webinar recap

Written by 
Alicia Ness
August 9, 2017

MURAL’s Customer Success team has recently launched an initiative to learn more about the unique ways our members have built day-to-day collaboration habits with MURAL.  In fact, we learned 1 out of 3 murals are created from templates rather than a blank slate  -- that’s a lot!

From personal uses like vacation planning and family tree research to professional efforts such as design critiques and marketing campaign planning, power users have seamlessly integrated MURAL into their routine.

Members have adopted MURAL as a must-have tool not only for important milestone projects, but for routine collaboration as well. Many have shared that MURAL is the first browser tab they open every day. During our August 8th webinar, MURAL's Customer Success team showcased 5 common use cases -- see them below. Want to watch the full webinar from start to finish? Click here.

Team Standups

Try MURAL's new Team Stand-Up template to make your meetings more efficient and keep track of important action items.

Click here to add the Team Standup template to your workspace.

Meeting Notes

MURAL lets each team member contribute during meetings, even if they're typically less outspoken. Complete quick brainstorming or prioritization activities, and capture notes from your meetings with images and comments from others.

Click here to add the Meeting Notes template to your workspace.

Mind Mapping

Our brains are actually hardwired to think visually. Mind mapping is a proven way to help you get unstuck quickly, getting all of your thoughts out visually to help you think through the toughest challenges.

Event Planning

Set up a mural in advance and add to it as the planning of your event progresses. You’ll find it becomes a central “information radiator” that a whole team can refer to.


Retrospectives are a key part of Agile techniques. After each sprint the team comes together to review how well they performed. Each member of the team responds to three basic questions: What worked well? What did not work well? How do we improve going forward?

Complement these webinar videos with our blog post, 5 Everyday Uses of MURAL, and please feel free to share your questions and feedback at support@mural.co.

About the authors

About the authors

Alicia Ness

Alicia Ness

Alicia Ness has worked with nearly 800 diverse customers over her 6 years in SaaS Customer Success, acting as a strategic partner in the HR, User Research, and now Digital Collaboration spaces.

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