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Bring Brainstorming Online with these 12 Resources

Written by 
Megan Landes
May 18, 2015

Bring Brainstorming Online with these 12 Resources

Fact: Visual thinking is a key part of brainstorming.

That’s why, for a lot of people, remote brainstorming sessions may seem unrealistic:  being visual can be challenging if your team is not all in the same space. However, with a little forethought, remote brainstorming sessions can be just as productive as in-person meetings.

Remote work is on the rise, and that means that doing creative work at a distance is an important part of our future work practices. Leading creative firms like IDEO are learning to go all-digital, and you can, too.

We understand that the challenge of going digital is fostering the same level of engagement and creativity that face-to-face meetings afford. MURAL was designed to help you bridge that gap.

Virtual Whiteboards

Virtual whiteboards and other collaboration tools can change the way you think about remote brainstorming. If you haven’t tried one yet, check out MURAL for help with your next remote brainstorming session.

Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

Below are a variety of articles, blog posts, and other resources to get you started.

1.  "5 Brainstorming Techniques to Spark Creative Thinking" by Bryan Kitch from MURAL

2. "Brainstorm together, even when you aren't" by Ural Cebeci from Skype

3. "Ground rules for brainstorming" by Bryan Kitch from MURAL

4. "The simple—and fast—way to brainstorm with remote teams" by Jay Elkerton from MURAL

5. "Remote collaborative brainstorming and sketching" by Jeff Gothelf

6. "6 Tips for Facilitating Remote Collaboration Sessions" by Jim Kalbach from MURAL

7. "Run a Group Voting Session in Less than 30 Seconds" by Megan Landes from MURAL

8. "Guide to Effective Brainstorming (with a remote team)" by Bruce McGraw from The Fear Not Project

9. "New feature: Filters" by Agustin Soler from MURAL

10. "How to Get the Best Results From Remote Brainstorming" by Wayne Turmel from CBS Money Watch

11. "Brainstorming," Ch. 4 in User Experience Re-Mastered: Your Guide to Getting the Right Design by Morgan Kaufmann

12. "A Virtual Team Brainstorming Session Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These 4 Tips" by The Zula Blog

We recognize, of course, brainstorming is only half of the battle. But a good collaboration session not only elicits good ideas, it also brings teams together.

When done well, remote brainstorming sessions can be just as effective as face-to-face meetings. Virtual whiteboards such as MURAL are here to help you and your team do great things, no matter where you are: distance doesn’t have to make a dent in your creative process.

If you have any other helpful resources for remote brainstorming, comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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About the authors

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