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Wednesday, June 19th / 9AM PST

What Design Thinking Could Be

Design Thinking has become the popular term for creative approaches to framing and solving problems using techniques originating from design practice. As a relatively dynamic field, many approaches have been developed in its name.

In this webinar, David Townson will introduce the logic behind why his team at What Could Be created the Design Thinking Canvas as a common 1st step in shaping design and innovation projects (hint: they were concerned an opportunity to establish design thinking as a discipline might be missed). He'll go through the origin story and give participants a quick-start guide on a number of ways to use it.

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David Townson

David Townson

- What Could Be

Weekly on Thursdays - 12 Noon, US Eastern Time

Introduction to MURAL

Our 45-minute weekly demo gives you basic, hands-on guidance to using MURAL effectively. We cover a range of topics from the basics of adding content onto the canvas to common use cases, depending on the audience.

This session is geared towards new users, but will also include some advanced topics.

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