ROI of Remote Design Thinking MURAL webinar

THURS MAR 15 2018 | 9 AM PDT

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We started the year dsdsdsds Jeanne Liedtka’s framework to measure the ROI of Design Thinking. Now we’re bringing in Forrester to share their findings from an impact study they conducted examining the ROI that IBM has realized from using MURAL.

In this webinar, Joni Saylor, Design Principal at IBM and Dean Davison, Principal Consultant - TEI at Forrester explain the payoff of IBM’s early investment in “virtual studios” and their journey & evolution to be able to work in person and remotely.

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About Joni & Dean

Joni Saylor directs IBM's Design Practices team, with a mission to drive adoption of human-centered research and design approaches across the company. She is recognized as a leader in creating and disclosing intellectual property and regularly speaks with design and business audiences on design education and transformation.
Dean Davison is a leading expert on the relationship between the B2B technology buyers and sellers. He currently assesses the value that buyers derive from technology investments.