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Remote Design for Distributed Teams

1 hour approx.

Distributed teams can outperform collocated teams, but only if they are confident and coordinated. How do you prepare for remote collaboration? What makes that time together most productive? Our easy-to-implement advice helps align remote teams and accelerate their innovation no matter where they’re geographically located.

In this 60-minute webinar, we'll teach you what to do before, during and after your collaborative sessions, incorporating digital solutions to take your best ideas farther.

We'll cover:

  • Getting Started With MURAL
  • Best Practices for planning and executing your remote sessions
  • Using templates and frameworks to scale your processes
  • Live Q&A

Mark Tippin, Head of Content at MURAL, has more than 25 years of experience leading creative teams and delivering high-impact solutions at scale for clients like Autodesk, Inc., All Nippon Airways and Wells Fargo Bank. As a certified Lead Instructor with LUMA Institute he teaches Human-Centered Design Internationally. He is a musician and avid sketcher who lives near the San Francisco Bay Area.

Nuha Masri, Head of Marketing at MURAL, has a distinguished passion for business growth and development. As a marketer and independent consultant, she has helped companies like LinkedIn, Chevron, Pinterest, and Google scale their revenue and establish notable business growth. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and enjoys exploring the outdoors, adventure and traveling in her free time.

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