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Curb the Chaos: Visual Frameworks for Collaborative Sensemaking

Tuesday, December 3 - 9AM PST
1 hour approx.

Innovation is chaotic, and it’s a highly sought after practice in today’s ever evolving business landscape. To land novel or innovative ideas, it’s important to step outside rigid mindsets and hierarchical thinking. Paradoxically, it requires a great amount of rigor and constraint to transform innovative ideas into insights that drive improved culture, great products, or experiences. Working visually can jumpstart the process of innovation. Visual collaboration cuts through communication barriers that hinder innovative thinking by empowering every participant with the ability to create, critique and improve.

During this webinar, be prepared to:
💡 generate ideas
💡 do some realtime sense-making
💡 translate ideas to visual frameworks
💡 start mapping information in helpful ways

As we break ideas down into nodes and connectors, we’ll start to ask, “what kind of story are we trying to tell?” Then we’ll map those stories to frameworks that will allow viewers to rapidly make sense of the information. Using  frameworks in this capacity taps into our brain’s preference for visual stories. By the end of the webinar, you will understand how better to “curb the chaos” of innovation work. 

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A designer for XPLANE for over 10 years, Tim May oversees nearly all of XPLANE’s projects, including strategy activation and process innovation work. He spends his days guiding XPLANE’s projects from initial idea to utter awesomeness through in-the-room visual synthesis, hands-on concepting, and detailed art direction. Some of his clients include HP, BP, UPS, Microsoft, Converse, and Mozilla.

Tim is a visual thinking machine and frequently facilitates Visual Thinking workshops for XPLANE’s clients and individual practitioners. He has inspired a cult following of facilitators, doodlers, and visual thinkers from all walks of life. His larger than life facilitation style has helped broker alignment among even the most challenging of Fortune 500 clients.

When not focused on client work or facilitating, Tim is also well known on Instagram for his quest to intricately illustrate every airplane barf bag he encounters.

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