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Fourth Tuesday of each month, starting January 28, 2020 - 7AM PT & 4PM PT
1 hour approx.

How should you prepare your workspace for collaboration with your clients? 

Welcome to "Best Practices 101" hosted by the MURAL Consultant Network. This 101 webinar lays the foundation for being able to use MURAL effectively with your clients and colleagues. We'll cover a range of topics from effectively organizing your workspace, to the magic tools for facilitating, and many topics in between.

This is geared for all members of the MURAL Consultant Network, with a focus on the experiences consultants provide their clients.

Stefan, a Sr. Enterprise Transformation Manager for the MURAL Consultant Network, has a strong focus on the consultant experience and consultant-client journey. Combining his 5+ years in SaaS customer success roles, with a passion for ethnographic research and empathy building techniques, he brings a fresh perspective to the world of visual, digital collaboration.

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