Build Experiences, Not Features MURAL webinar

Presented on: THURS NOV 30 | 9 AM PDT

How well do you think your product team takes what they learn from their users and puts it into the next iteration of the product? How well does your team come to a common understanding of what the next iteration of the product will look like and then build a product that reflects that common understanding?

These two problems — improving your product with user research and effective team collaboration — can both be solved with a design tool called User Story Mapping.

After you register, make sure to check out their two part case study breaking down the high level strategy and the granular tactics of running a User Story Mapping workshop.

Join us to build experiences with IBM's Eric Morrow and John Murray.

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About Eric & John

Eric is a Design Facilitator at IBM and author of Lean Accelerator. He brings design thinking into the broader IBM organization through in-person and remote education-focused workshops.

John is a Design Team Lead & Advisory Front End Developer at IBM. He mentors and trains junior and mid-level talent throughout creative teams to execute better experiences.